Art Review On Pumpametti

In the contemporary art world, abiding by convention imprisons creativity. Under the reign of preconceived rules, definitions, and limitations, creativity, and even humanity become stifled. We suffer a cultural whiplash as we witness the ceaseless and rapid changes of the contemporary era. Ruled by a constant influx of new technologies and information, our understanding of the world becomes muddled in a constant and overwhelming state of transformation. What remains are the products of dictators of style, taste, and culture that exude an aura of inauthenticity.

Pushing back against contemporary complacency is Pumpametti. With a witty, biting attitude that is only matched by his aesthetically striking and poignant artistic style, he has discovered a means to stand apart from the cacophony of today’s NFT art scene. Pumpametti has rooted his practice at the seemingly contradictory crossroads of progressive modernization and a reversion to the rudimentary nature of humanity.

How does Pumpametti achieve such a cohesive juxtaposition? First, as a contemporary artist, he embraces the stylings of the Art Brut movement. Wildly chaotic, imbued with personalized intensities, and embracing a completely uninhibited method of creation, Pumpametti shares in Art Brut’s sheer rejection of the perpetuated traditions of institutionalized art. The figures that emerge in his work hearken back to the distorted figures of Giacometti sculptures, the minimalist forms of Austin Lee, and the intuitive expressiveness of Jean Dubuffet. Similar to the masters that came before and the contemporaries that are working today, Pumpametti clashed against the barriers of fine art and culture. For the artist, Art Brut is an embodiment of freedom, a pure authentic approach to artistic creation, outside the overanalyzed nature of art as we know it.

While Pumpametti’s techniques and approaches reconfigure Art Brut into the contemporary context, he subverts our understanding of these works through their materiality or lack thereof. While seeming antithetical, Pumpametti takes a novel perspective on the intersection of his artistic methodologies and the incorporation of technology. In doing so, he has positioned himself as one of the breakthrough artists of the latest revelation of the art world, NFTs.

The rise of this digital art medium has upended all traditional notions of commercialization and consumption of art. Rather than dismissing the medium as a mere trend or fleeting moment in the rapid evolution of crypto culture, Pumpametti embraces it, reconceives it, and anthropomorphizes it. Pumpametti has exceptionally captivated collectors today with an explosive array of NFT collections that challenge our comprehension and digest these works of art — including Pettametti, Standametti, Metti Landscape, and his iconic genesis Pumpametti collection.

Recognizing the parallels of his artistic practice and the rise of the metaverse, Pumpametti fuses their kindred energy, sense of speed, and raw intensity. Together, in embracing both Art Brut’s savage nature and the innovation of the digital landscape, each work Pumpametti releases encapsulates a fluctuating spectrum of emotions that could not be more relevant to the modern condition. Anguish, joy, turmoil, elation can all be experienced moment to moment as information flashes before our eyes. The work he produces is a critique of the diminishing capacity of our attention in this age of exponentially rising and dying technologies.

Pumpametti takes his collections a step further, synthesizing the Art Brut stylings with elements of Pop Art. With series such as Metti Ape, paying homage to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Metti Team Six, some inspired by the famed record sale of the Mickey Mantle baseball card, his works fall in the same vein of Andy Warhol, Pumpametti making his own proclamations against the hyper-consumerist nature of our society. The dark and twisted corner of art, as Pumpametti refers to his practice, is simultaneously a pure and unadulterated expression of self while also a scathing critique of the world today.

Pumpametti’s body of work is truly contemporary. He constructs a bridge, not only in his use of technologies that have become commonplace but through an expressive gestural style that encompasses the angst of an age drowning in turmoil, divisiveness, and uncertainty. The abstractions he orchestrates, minimal but with brutish ferocity, have previously been inaccessible for individuals outside the artistic fields to comprehend. His Art Brut stylings, however, break down the ostentation of previously ascribed to the movement; in his hands, they resonate on a deeper emotional level with his viewers.

When Pumpametti transitioned from tangible to digital to works of art he had a realization, this new frontier of an art world has proved to be more than lucrative, but a reimagining of what constitutes an artistic community. NFTs exposed a world of art lovers that do not deny their passion in favor of tastes and trends. He encourages a disavowal of the pretentiousness that dominates and dictates the art world.

An unlikely marriage. A visceral gestural stream of consciousness approach to artistic creation is met with the cutting-edge digital reinvention of the world of art. Pumpametti is a pioneer. As witnessed in his ongoing collections, he pushes beyond the influx of animations and graphics proliferated, saturating this explosive digital market, reclaiming the space as one for true original works of artistry. The simplistic palettes, the textured movement of his lines, and the vacancy and balance of negative space echo an intensity that rivals those who came before. We are enthralled. Pumpametti is not only an artistic practice but a movement of passion, of pain, of progress.



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