How to Create a Minting NFT Collection with Generative Process on Fantom/Ethereum with Zero Coding Background

2 min readNov 17, 2021

MettiFrens is a tutorial designed for artists with 0 coding background to use generative code + Solidity to create NFT collections on Fantom Blockchain, list on Artion & Paintswap with minimal fees.

MettiFrens collection will not be in official art collections of Pumpametti, maybe they have educational historical relic effect, who knows.

In MettiFrens.sol smart contract, there will be a token balance check with a prerequisite of only wallet address that holds more than 10 billion Metti Inu ($Metti) can mint. It’s a fair-launched art meme doggo token and I hope you can keep it in to help grow Metti Inu community in the NFT art world.

You can read about Metti Inu here.

You can use MettiFrens_NoBalanceCheck.sol if you prefer smart contract for your art without $Metti balance check.

So far MettiFrens can be used by artists whose final artwork file is in .png format, that means artists whose medium is painting, photography or conceptual art can feel free to use this repo without any coding background.

If you are a more experienced dev fren who can tweak the index.js and config.js inside MettiFrens Art Generation into accepting other file formats such as .mp3, .mov, .mp4 etc, please explore and create another repo and I will share and thank you in advance.

Fantom is EVM compatible and very fast & smooth and will save emerging artist a lot of gas if you choose to mint in this ecosystem. Granted it’s at early days with not as many collectors as the ethereum blockchain, but I believe good artworks will attract more and more collectors.

More artists will create good art on blockchain once the tech barrier & moat is gradually cleared by the cavaliers and the crazy ones who open-source as much as possible in the WEB 3 new universe.

I will be one of the small crazy ones. Helping others to win is anon chad move!

Special thanks to Jalil from 1001 Digital for creating awesome ERC-721 extensions, Daniel from Hashlips for the generative art coding & smart contract help through his Youtube videos and TokenFox for the help with FRC-721 balance check and many other things!

For a step by step tutorial of MettiFrens, you can find on Pumpametti Youtube channel.




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